3 Crazy Amazing Facts About Automobiles!

Cars are the lifeblood of the road. Who does not enjoy cruising through the road in the night while listening to soothing tunes on your music player? They are an essential part of travelling everywhere, and we cannot live without their convenience and comfort. Travelling with a group of friends inside the same space with the air conditioner and the happiness flowing is a lifegoal for most people.


The automobile industry has seen a massive change every decade since the first car was released way back in 1885! There have been many worthy additions to the community, as well as some awesome gadgets that can make one’s jaw drop. Let us look at:-


3 Crazy Amazing Facts About Automobiles!

  1. There Are More Than 1 Billion Cars Currently Being Used

How bizarre is that? There are more cars in the whole world than the population of Europe! That means that there is a car among every 70 people alive on earth! No wonder the automobile industry is one of the highest-earning ventures, and many sports events are held celebrating cars and their speed.


According to their genre, car collectors buy automobiles, love of vintages, speed, and the company. It is a massive hobby among the high earning folk.


  1. The Average Car Has About 30,000 Parts In It

Imagine so many parts compacted inside such a small surface area. All of us can barely name one or two pieces of a standard car but imagine the mechanics’ burden and the manufacturers knowing that a single part has gone amiss! 


It is no surprise that mechanics are often covered in grease! They work hard fixing cars and making sure the machines we buy are always fully functioning; being one requires in-depth knowledge of all the vehicle parts, that is why top-notch auto repair shops earn a lot of cash in fixing and restoring cars.


  1. Volkswagen Owns World Famous Companies 

Volkswagen owns most supercar companies like Bugatti, Bentley, Audi, Ducati, Lamborghini, and Porsche. They took control of the respective companies between 3 decades ranged from 1990 to 2010. They now earn billions of dollars in revenue due to their collective umbrellas being in charge of expensive supercars.


The companies still have creative control over their choices and manufacturing. Nevertheless, their financial profit is owned by Volkswagen and rightly distributed among the employees and towards the foundation’s betterment. This makes Volkswagen the most used and preferred automobile company in the whole world!



There is a mystique surrounding automobiles and their importance in our lives. Even today, when we walk through the roads and catch sight of a car that roars and belongs to a well-known company, we turn our heads to get a better look. They are an essential part of our human lives as they help us progress.


The requirement of a car is not essential but just makes our lives easier and free-flowing. We hope you got to learn the craziness that the automobile industry surrounds itself with! Have a good day!