5 Facts about Mobile Apps

You’re probably reading this on your phone, On chrome, if you’re normal, on safari if you’re rich, or on any other app if you’re crazy.


But without apps, what is your phone?

A glorified torch and camera maybe ¿¿


Apps are what makes this device in your hand, useful. There are apps for literally everything these days, human grooming, dog grooming, food, markets, and whatever else you can probably wonder. The era of comfort(laziness)  is now.


People download their apps either from the play store which is the android platform or the app store which is the Apple platform. (again, assuming only ‘not crazy’ people are reading this who do not wander around other app stores)


Let’s talk about 5 facts you did not know before about mobile apps.


1) There are a total of approximately 204bn mobile app downloads yet. I know what you’re thinking “do we even have that many people on earth with the internet?”.

It is approximately 33 app downloads per person on earth. The figure almost begs you to contemplate on your own count.


2) In the past year the mobile app industry made a whopping 402 billion dollars. The mobile gaming industry made around 90 billion while the PC  gaming industry stood small at just 70 billion. It is one of the most exponential rises of the industry over the years. I guess they could say thanks to the long pubg sessions in the lockdown.


3) According to statistics, around 40-50% of applications on the play store and app store have never been downloaded. Now that is something that’ll your heart go heavy. 


4) An app usually takes usually around 3-4 months to develop. 

A greater number of mobile developers could significantly reduce this time but mobile app development is relatively a tough course to learn. 

The only thing that makes us feel worse about the above fact is this one. 

So much effort and hard work, gone to waste. 



The beloved mobile gaming app ‘PUBG mobile’ is the highest-grossing mobile game of all time bringing over 2 billion dollars in revenue. The second spot is claimed by Honor of Kings who is also owned by Tencent, the same Chinese company which owns PUBG Mobile.

Although PUBG mobile was deleted from India due to security reasons, it does not seem to have been erased from the hearts of Indian audiences.


So those were some mobile app facts that baffled our minds. There is a plethora of potential in this growing market at an unprecedented scale. There are new players entering to make our lives better each day with innovative apps and ideas.

We hope these new apps make for ever-interesting statistics for us to turn into ever-interesting facts.

Keep swiping and keep scrolling and dive into the world of ‘social media drugs’.


After all its all ‘a social dillema’ (pun intended).