Free Huawei Mate 40 Pro? New Scam through Whatsapp: Check Details


  • A  link has gone viral which shows an Amazon website telling people that they have a chance to win Huawei Mate 40 Pro for free.
  • Through this, cybercriminals could be looking for your personal details.
  • They can use the data to either call and defraud you or for identity theft.

Hi Readers!! A fake WhatsApp message has been reportedly doing the rounds, promising to offer a free smartphone in return for a survey form. A link has gone viral which shows an Amazon-like page telling people that they have a chance to win Huawei Mate 40 Pro for free.

The message looks so realistic that most users will end up clicking on the link, thinking the message is from Amazon. However, when you click on the link you will not be taken to the Amazon website, it will take you to an unsecured website with URL govspourt(dot)buzz.

The survey asks a few basic questions along with your address. It then asks you to share the link in WhatsApp groups and download a particular application to receive the gift. However, nothing happens when you complete the whole process. You never receive any gift. Because this is just a fake link to steal your personal information.

How to know whether a link is fake or not??

There is no doubt that many people won’t be able to differentiate if it is a genuine Amazon page or a fake one.

The best way to know for sure is to check -if the link has Amazon written as the main URL. This particular link does not have Amazon written as the main URL, which means that -it is fake.

Always avoid clicking on linked mentioned in forwarded messages. It could be a trap. Hackers can even use it to install malware on your phone or computer. If you receive the message from an unknown number, report it as a scam to WhatsApp and block it.

Thanks for Reading!!

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