Twitter new policy in India for Assembly elections: Against fake news


  • Twitter is implementing significant product, policy, and enforcement updates.
  • The measures help to track poll-related misinformation.
  • The company has expanded its team, continues to invest in technological solutions.

With the Assembly Elections 2021 in Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, and Puducherry a few days away, Twitter is implementing the significant product, policy, and enforcement updates,”  that has been drawn based on learning from previous elections, both globally and in India.

Twitter said- it has set up a global cross-functional team to keep the service safe from attempts to manipulate the platform and content that can incite violence, abuse, and threats and trigger the risk of offline harm.

Towards this, Twitter has expanded its team, continues to invest in technological solutions, and has deployed tools backed by technology to detect abusive content more efficiently.

Twitter asserted it is taking proactive measures to prevent prohibited political advertising through comprehensive and nuanced enforcement mechanisms.

Twitter said it will remove content that manipulates or interferes with elections and is false or contains misleading information about:

  •  Procedures to participate in the election process.
  • False information intended to intimidate or dissuade people from participating in the elections and voting.
  • Accounts that misrepresent their affiliation with a political candidate or party.

Twitter Said:

Our goal is to make it easy to find credible information on Twitter while limiting the spread of potentially harmful and misleading content. In the context of these elections, we are focussing on Civic integrity and Synthetic and manipulated media,” Twitter said.

Ahead of the elections, Twitter said it will be launching an events page dedicated to polls on voting days and for the election results day.

Voting for five assembly elections will begin on March 27, with West Bengal hosting eight phases over a month. Counting of votes in the four states and one union territory will take place on May 2.

The page will include a timeline of tweets from credible accounts to provide the latest information on the days of voting and election results. Twitter will also try to identify manipulated media which further reduces the visibility of misleading information,” the site added.

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