Free Fire mod APK files are fake: Will lead to account bans!! Check Details


  • Garena Free Fire has many modded APK versions, that promise the user’s free in-game benefits.
  • The use of any type of mods can lead to a potential ban from Free Fire.
  • Free Fire is currently available for Android and iOS devices. However, players can use emulators to play the game on their PCs/laptops.

Using any unauthorized third-party programs that are not released by Garena, modifying the game client, or playing using a modified game APK is illegal. Free Fire has a zero-tolerance policy against all forms of cheating, and players using mods will be permanently banned from the game.

Are Garena Free Fire mod APK files legal?

Free Fire mod APK is the altered version of the original game, offering numerous features that provide the players with an unfair advantage over the playing field. Several videos induce users to use modified applications to obtain the game’s currency. However, most of them do not work properly and are considered illegal.

Garena recently banned more than 1.3 million cheaters. Hence, users must refrain from downloading any mod since it does not work and will lead to suspension of accounts. The Anti-Hack FAQ states that the device used for cheating will also be banned.

Many players experience accounts banned even when they were unintended to hack or cheat in-game. Using an unauthorized app to improve lag, graphics, resolutions, or to bypass the firewall is also illegal. The same thing happens to players who used OCTOPUS applications to play Free Fire with a controller.

Sites that claim to provide such tools to users also suggest that their version of MOD has an “anti-ban feature”, which in reality is not true. Such behavior undermines the integrity of the community and ruins the game for everyone.

The use of MODs, scripts, and other illegal tools is strictly prohibited in Garena Free Fire. Players must not download and install the modified client version of the game under any circumstances.

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Players should never download any Free Fire APK files on their devices. These files might have the virus(es) and malware that could harm their devices.

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