Google Stadia May Add Touchscreen Controls on Android: Check Details


  • Tech giant Google’s cloud gaming service Stadia is testing touchscreen controls.
  • This new direct touch feature has only been discovered in the Android version of Stadia.
  • Direct touch will allow Stadia users to tap, swipe, and pinch elements in games, or continue to use a Bluetooth or USB controller.

Google is taking its cloud gaming platform Stadia to another level by testing new features continuously. Now, The company is working on the touch screen controls function on android devices to leveraging its huge Android user base. Stadia’s new function will soon work with any Android smartphone. It will also be released for iOS users soon, after releasing for Android users.

Google Stadia Touchscreen Controls Function:

On Stadia today, there are two core ways to control the games you play. You can either use a controller from Google or a third party, or you can use a keyboard and mouse like you would when PC gaming.

With the latest update to the Google Stadia app — version 3.9 rolling out now via the Google Play Store- it seems the cloud gaming service is set to gain a third way to play with full touchscreen controls. This should enable you to use your phone’s touchscreen as an actual touchscreen into the Stadia game you’re playing.

However, it’s not but clear which video games will assist direct contact, although Stadia at the moment has very restricted assist for touchscreen controls in video games.

Google hasn’t officially detailed direct touch for Stadia, so we don’t yet know how touch controls will be supported. Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming service provides a variety of touch controls across more than 20 games, allowing Xbox players to enjoy games without a controller.

The decision to introduce major changes in stadia seems driven by the recent spike in gaming, particularly on mobile devices. Google also provides Android TV support for Stadia. Stadia launched on Chromecast Ultra devices, but support for Android TV has been missing since Stadia’s debut more than a year ago.

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