Holi 2021: Best Apps That Will Add More Colour to Your Holi Memories


  • Holi is here and that means it’s the perfect time to click a lot of photos and videos.
  • Vizmato is a made-in-India app with a Holi theme slideshow.
  • Snapseed offers photo editing without any subscription.

Editing photos is like applying finishing touches to a painting. Photographs often don’t look as good as they could unless you apply that finishing touch. Since most people use their smartphones to take pictures at festivals like Holi, we have shortlisted the best photo editing apps that you can use on-the-go to take your photography to the next level.

1. Kirakira+

Kirakira+ is a unique app that focuses on adding sparkly effects to photos and videos. It may sound shallow but it’s actually pretty cool. Any object that emits light in the picture or video shines even more. This app may be better suited for Holi as it works best. Try the app to add some glitter to your Holi photos or videos.

2. B612

This Korean B612 app lets users create their own Holi filters or effect and share it with friends. Once you download the app, just go to the effects section. There are unlimited effects, which you can add to your photos and then flaunt on Instagram. The filters that are present in the ‘HOT’ and ‘Light’ sections are just great and will make your Holi photos more attractive.

3. VSCO Cam (iPhone, Android)

VSCO (pronounced visco) Cam started out as a paid app but went free last year. It is one of the best photo editing apps on iOS and Android if you want advanced controls. VSCO Cam has a great collection of filters, which are better than those on Instagram.

4. Pixlr Express (Android, iOS)

Autodesk’s photo-editing app Pixlr Express is quite useful when you want to remove unwanted spots or marks from photos. Pixlr Express is a good app for image correction. Available for both Android and iOS, Pixlr Express has easy-to-use tools, which help you touch-up images quickly.

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