Cyberpunk 2077 gets Patch 1.2 update: Check Main Highlights Of This Update


  • CD Projekt Red has released a massive Cyberpunk 2077 patch.
  • The announcement includes an enormous list of changes, including enabling raytracing on AMD graphics cards.
  • The Patch 1.2 update will be available for PC and console versions of Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk is back with another new patch update and a number of issues have been addressed and changed to enhance the gameplay experience. The version 1.2 update is available now on PC and consoles, with the Stadia version set to arrive later this week. There are more than 500 fixes and adjustments included, according to the detailed and very lengthy patch notes.

The update, roughly 34GB in size, brings fixes for game-crashing bugs. There is also a focus on fixing minor issues such as “inability to draw weapons at the Poppy Farm during The Hunt” or a bug “where it was impossible to complete the objective for destroying flamingos if they were destroyed before the objective was active in Epistrophy: Rancho Coronado.”

Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.2 Notes: Major changes

  • The NCPD spawn radius for when the player commits a crime has been increased.
  • One of the features that are going to be changed and made better is the dodging mechanism. Double-tapping a key on the PC to initiate dodging can now be turned off and this will help to avoid dodging by accident.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies did not fall on the ground after being killed with Synapse Burnout.
  • The item for resetting perk points (TABULA E-RASA) can now be bought at a reduced price.
  • V should now automatically unequip a charged grenade when entering safe areas.
  • The Pickup no longer gets blocked if Dum Dum dies at the exact same time as the last enemy.
  • The steering speed is now going to be very consistent from 20 to 60+ FPS.
  • Unstuck Rocking/Rotating feature added to all vehicles. Use Left Stick or A/D W/S or LShift/LCtrl to engage rocking and rotating to stuck/beached vehicles to try and free them.

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