Free Fire Tri-Series Tournament for gamers in India, pakistan and Bangladesh: Check details


  • Garena announces the Free Fire Tri-Series tournament.
  • The tournament will bring together the top 18 Free Fire teams from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.
  • It will feature a prize pool of $50,000 (roughly Rs. 36,75,652.50).

Garena has announced a brand-new format and schedule of Free Fire’s international tournament for this year. The new Free Fire Continental Series (FFCS) will be the game’s first series to happen online only.

The tournament will bring together the top 18 Free Fire teams from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.  The Play-Ins will feature 18 teams who placed either first or second in their regional-level tournament. The top two teams from the Play-Ins will then join the top 10 seeds from each regional-level tournament in the Finals.

Where To Watch??

The Free Fire Tri-Series will be broadcast live on Garena’s Free Fire Esports India YouTube and Facebook pages.

Free Fire Bangladesh’s official YouTube and Facebook pages will also broadcast the event, alongside Booyah. All of the broadcasts will feature live commentary in English, Hindi, Urdu, and Bangla.

Free Fire Tri-Series Tournament: Qualified Teams

The best-performing teams in the Free Fire Tri-Series will be selected to take part in Free Fire World Series 2021, which is scheduled for May 22 to May 29. Garena will ensure that all activities are in line with prevailing public health protocols and travel policies.

1. India

  • Galaxy Racer
  • Team Chaos
  • Team Elite
  • Sixth Sense
  • Last Breath
  • Nemesis

2. Pakistan

  1. Team TG
  2. Demons Pride
  3. Revengers
  4. No chance
  5. House of Blood
  6. HotShot

3. Bangladesh

  1. Agent Exp
  2. The JawBreakers
  3. TM Swag
  4. Riot
  5. B26 Mystics
  6. Extreme Ex

Each team will have to battle over 6 rounds across 3 maps and points will be awarded based on round ranking and the number of kills. Contenders will be playing on the Bermuda, Purgatory, and Kalahari maps in Free Fire. The top-seeded teams from each local-level tournament will earn the right to enter their respective Grand Finals. However, the rest of the teams can only earn their place to be in the Grand Finals by beating the other teams in the region.

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