Garena Free Fire Bans Over 1.3 Million Accounts In 2 Weeks For Hacking


  • Garena Free fire has banned 13,88,145 accounts from accessing the game for reasons of cheating.
  • The  Game Developers have decided to take strict action against hackers.
  • More than 60% of cases are related to the modification of the character model, auto-aim hacks, and X-ray vision.

Garena has announced that it has banned over 1.3 million accounts in the past two weeks for hacking. The exact number of accounts banned stands at 13,88,145.

Garena free fire Spokesperson Said:

“We are aware of a recent rise in hacking activities, and we have implemented stronger measures in response”. We have zero tolerance for any activity that undermines the integrity and fairness of our game.

When we detect hackers, we want to make sure they never ruin the fun for other players ever again, which is why we ban both the hackers’ account and mobile device permanently. This means that even if they create new accounts, they will not be able to play Free Fire on the same device.

Free Fire Banned Accounts Details:

Here is a detailed account of the percentage of hacking software used by players in the last two weeks:

  • 1% were banned due to the usage of antenna hacks. These hacks are used to know the enemies’ position.
  • 67% of the cheats were banned due to auto-aim usage. Auto-aim is used to shoot enemies automatically using third-party scripts.
  • 9.4% were suspended due to the use of an ability to move through covers and walls.
  • 15.1% got barred due to teleportation usage. This is used to instantly move from one location to another without covering the actual physical distance.
  • The remaining 7.5% got banned due to unspecified reasons.

An additional 80,290 accounts were banned for intentionally teaming with hackers. Garena states that 50% of the accounts were banned following reports from players.

Apart from the in-game reporting function, They have implemented a new reporting form that can be used to report hackers. Their anti-hack team will review each case based on the information provided and take the appropriate actions against these hackers if found guilty.

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