Google launches Stack Application: Document scanner app with advance features


  • Google has launched a digital document scanner and database app called Stack.
  • The stack will name your document automatically and recognize info like a due date.
  • This is great for those professionals who travel for work and need to keep track of receipts.

Google launch a new application called Stack, which will help you digitize your documents, receipts, and other papers, and then automatically save them to Google Drive. The app will also helpfully suggest a name for your scans.

When you scan a document, Stack can also identify important dates and amount totals. It can also identify key information on a scanned document such as a due date for a bill, amount to be paid, or an account number. Users can also search through scanned documents to find the information they need.

At present Stack Application is only available for devices that can run Android apps, meaning phones, tablets, select Chromebooks, and other Chrome OS-powered devices.

Google said in a blog post about the Stack application:

We utilized the artificial intelligence created by its DocAI team to make Stack a reality.

“We found that by applying DocAI’s enterprise technology to personal documents, we could help people get organized.”

The app is currently available on Android, as a free download with no in-app purchases. Based on user feedback, Google will decide whether to bring Stack to more platforms, like iOS.

The Users can add multiple pages when scanning a document, and Stack will OCR all the pages in a document so that the full text of the document is searchable. Users can also star their most important scans for quicker access.

The app was created in Google’s in-house incubator Area 120 and is a collaboration between an Enterprise AI team and a former education startup. At the moment, Stack seems to be only available to those in the US via the Play Store. However, you can grab the APK from a trusted source, you can sideload it to see who it works.

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