LinkedIn New Audio Room Feature: New competition for Clubhouse app


  • LinkedIn has confirmed it is working on an audio networking integration for its application.
  • LinkedIn is now the latest platform to compete with Clubhouse after Twitter, Facebook.
  • It’s likely only a matter of time before audio rooms become just as popular as Stories.

The sudden popularity of Clubhouse, a social media app where people can create voice rooms or listen to existing ones, has caused several other apps to increase their functionality. LinkedIn is testing a new audio experience for the platform, according to reports.

Separately, it set to introduce a host of new features for users including a Video Cover Story and a ‘Creator Mode’ for the platform’s influencer community.

LinkedIn Spokesperson said:

We running a couple of early tests to create a unique audio experience that connects with users’ professional identity. “And, we’re looking at how we can bring audio to other parts of LinkedIn such as events and groups, to give our members even more ways to connect to their community.”

Audio rooms aren’t functional yet, but the current design looks similar to Clubhouse – select people have speaking roles, while others can join the room as listeners (and later request to join the speakers). It remains to see how well the LinkedIn audio room will fare once it debuts.

LinkedIn’s audio room will have a handful of unique features. LinkedIn will reportedly feature a stage, which can be the hosting platform for the audio room’s speakers. The opposite participants will have a spot below the speakers, sort of a typical Ted Talks show.

A differentiator for LinkedIn is that unlike Clubhouse or its competitors like Twitter Spaces, the platform’s audio networking feature is going to be connected with users’ professional identity instead of a social profile.

It remains to see how well the LinkedIn audio room will work once it debuts.

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