PUBG Lite to shut down globally on April 29: Here’s why?


  • PUBG fans have another setback as PUBG Lite will be shutting down soon.
  • The low-end version of the battle royale game PUBG called Lite is officially closing down on April 29.
  • The specific reason behind the closure hasn’t been disclosed.

The low-end version of the battle royale game PUBG called Lite is officially closing down on April 29. This has come as a big setback for millions of PUBG lovers.

The news of PUBG Lite’s shutdown has confirmed by the developers Krafton via a message on its official website.

The official notice reads:

  • We are deeply grateful for the passion and support from the astounding number of PUBG LITE fans that have been with us. During the strenuous times of the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope that PUBG LITE was able to provide our fans a fun way to stay safe,” the game’s publisher Krafton said in the release.
  • Unfortunately, we have made the difficult decision to close service after much deliberation and the time has come for our journey to end. We regretfully inform you that the service of PUBG LITE is scheduled to end on April 29th, 2021.

The process has already begun, with the game’s official webpage already shutting down, effectively disallowing any new downloads. Krafton hasn’t mentioned just why it is shutting down PUBG Lite, but we can assume a lack of player interest to play a major role in it.

The game was launched in 2019 end globally to make it playable on lower-end Android smartphones and entry-level PCs without dedicated graphic cards.

But there’s some good news too. The developers have announced that PUBG Lite Facebook will continue to remain open, even after the game service termination. At least, this version will remain open ‘until further notice.’

PUBG Mobile was ban in India last year along with other Chinese apps, but the PC version was still available for players. PUBG had over 100 million downloads on Google Play Store.

If you already have the game installed on your device, you can still play the game and consume the in-game credits until the final closing date.

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