Twitter Spaces Will Soon Been Accessible Via Desktop PCs


  • Twitter has been working hard on Spaces, its new live audio chat platform that works similarly to Clubhouse.
  • The feature is currently available to iOS and Android users only.
  • The Spaces format for the web version will have more room to display the users within a Space.

According to Space’s host, Alex aka @akkhosh on Twitter, the company intends to make it possible for anyone to host a Twitter Spaces room of their own sometime in April. That could be a big bonus for broadcasters who are looking to add a little more polish to their audio rooms.

Right now, users can only join Spaces through Twitter’s mobile app on iOS and Android.

Twitter Spaces developer also shared the designs of the audio chat room feature that might appear on the web. He wrote,” Trying out this new work in public thing, here are some examples for the entry point to spaces on web @TwitterSpaces”.

An audio discussion can only be joined if you have an invitation that can be sent through DMs. As far as speakers are concerned, there can be only 10 hosts or speakers at a time while there is no limit on the number of listeners.

Twitter Spaces V/s Clubhouse

Unlike the invite-only Clubhouse, Twitter maintains hundreds of millions of users every day. In addition, it caters to more markets besides those looking to interact with creators and personalities.

A desktop version of Spaces will allow people to listen to a conversation while working on something, ensuring neither their workflow nor Spaces activity will be interrupted.

Twitter is also a little more fun than Clubhouse because it also lets users send emojis and more, but Clubhouse does not allow that. Twitter users go on the platform for work, read up on news, and hunt for their interests.

The clubhouse does not record the conversation, but Twitter had said that it retains copies of Spaces for 30 days after the end “to review for violations of the Twitter Rules.”

These developments add further pressure to Clubhouse, which is still in test mode and still doesn’t have an Android app, let alone a desktop version.

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