Call of Duty Mobile Aces Esports Challenge : All Important FAQs here !!

Hey gamers, there is a piece of great news for you. As Jio and Qualcomm CDMA have joined their hands for one of the biggest collaborations for one year on the JioGames Esports platform. Not only they have collaborated for one of the biggest deals of the year but also announced and come up with their first contest with the name “Call of Duty Mobile Aces Esports Challenge”.

The major thing you need to know here is that in which format players can play this contest? Well, it will feature both modes-

  1. solo mode
  2. 5v5 team play

So the choice is completely on you, whether you want to play it solo or would make a team of your friends and playmates to enter this.

When will the registration process of this start?

So another good news here is that the registrations have already begun for both modes – solo as well as team aces. And it will end up by April 11, 2021, for solo play. 

But in case you want to play it in team mode then the last date of registration will be April 30. So you have ample time to register here. But let me tell you the longer you will delay it, the chances are high that you will forget to go for it and will miss this golden opportunity to earn lakhs while playing.

Confused? How will you miss 25 lakhs? Want to know?? Okay Okay Calm down, let me tell you-

The winners who will grab the crown will get prize money of INR 25 lakhs, Isn’t it great news?? You can earn while playing.

Steps Of Contest?

The qualifier round will happen on June 11, 2021, and for the final round, you have to wait till June 20.

Who can participate in this contest?

the contest has opened its windows for all the gamers who are enthusiastic enough to take their gaming interests to next level. Whether you are a Jio user or not, you don’t have to worry about it. As the contest is open for all jio and non-jio users.

Is there any registration charge for it?

No, it is free of cost. You don’t have to spend any penny on participation.

Ultimate Goal of the makers

Well, the primary goal of Jio here is to address the growing demands of mobile esports and to endorse more chances for gamers with their serious collaborations. The ultimate goal is to nurture the talent of gamers and take them to the next level in that.

Not only this, but all the matches of the game will also be broadcasted on JioTV, Facebook watch, and Youtube Gaming channel.

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