How To Be Thirty Episode 13: release date, watch online and preview

How to be thirty is leading all TRP charts although it has been only a month its craze among its fans is unpredictable. The fans and followers have shown great positive feedback for the show. You won’t believe it but let me tell you that within a time span of two weeks only, the show has gathered immense love and support from the fans and it has reached 12 million, isn’t it amazing? Although it appears only twice a week – that is on Tuesday and Saturday but fans keep on waiting for the next episode to appear soon.

In case you have not watched it yet then let me tell you that the show is based on a thirty years old woman and showcases the relationship of two lovers who met after years.

How To Be Thirty Episode 13: release date, watch online and preview

Where to watch it?

Well, The drama is available on the Viki streaming service with English subtitles. Here two love stories go on simultaneously. Seo Ji-Won, the struggles of the two other women who are in their 30 years of age and single also get featured. Now, let us check out more details regarding How To Be Thirty Episode 13. 

It will air on April 6, 2021, at 5 PM or 1:30 PM on Dakum Kakao TV Viki. It will consist of 15 episodes, out of which eleven episodes are already available for online streaming.  The last episode of How To Be Thirty that is episode 12 was aired on digital platforms on April 2, 2021.  The release date of ‘How To Be Thirty’ was on February 23, 2021, and will run until April 13, 2021. Hence, the series is also coming to an end for viewers.

What happened in the last episode?

Don’t go through this below, if you have not watched it yet as we are giving you some major spoiler alert regarding the same.

How to be Thirty begins as a liveliness wherein two individuals are hanging tight for a wedding in the congregation. However, the lady quickly pulls out a blade and murders him while the husband to be inclined for kissing the lady. The scene at that point movements to a lady talking in a video call to another lady on the opposite side of the video call. The lady on the opposite side recounts her to change the story and work on something different. The other lady, who is her editor, says that nobody likes such loathsomeness and pitiful completion as these days love isn’t extremely brutal. However, Seo Jin didn’t surrender and attempted to keep up with her account. The editor says her age is 30; subsequently, she won’t comprehend the cutting edge ages.

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