How to get the M14 Egg Hunter in Free Fire (Quick Tips)


  • The Egg Hunter skin for the M14 is recently introduced in the game.
  • Using the latest Egg Hunter Skin, you can add to your appearance to face enemies with more confidence.
  • They also enhance the stats of the weapon and its performance on the ground.

The Egg Hunter M14 skin has some pretty commendable attributes that boost the ability of the M14 gun. The new feature will enhance the gamer experience to another level. It will make the character look cooler and maybe more interesting than before. In this article, we cover- How players can get the Egg Hunter M14 skin from Weapon Royale.

How to get the M14 Egg Hunter in Free Fire?

Step By Step Guide:

1. Log in to the Free Fire game first, then click on the Luck Royale option present in the main menu’s left-hand side corner.

2. After that, tap on the Weapon Royale section present on the list’s left-hand side tab.

3. You will see Egghunter M14 Skin which is presented officially by Garena. This comes along with the latest Parafal Egg Hunter Skin.

4. You have to Spin here, to get one of the prizes presented at the Weapon Royale event. The Egg Hunter M14 skin is not a guaranteed prize and may take several spins to get it. Players must ensure that they have enough diamonds to make the spins.

  • For Spin 1 time: You need to pay 50 diamonds.
  • For Spin 10 times: You need to pay 500 diamonds.

5. After confirmation, prizes will be drawn, and eventually, players can obtain the Egg Hunter M14 skin from the draw.

The skin that you get has 2 main prizes, M14 and also Parafal. We hope you are lucky to get these 2 cool weapon skins.

For the prizes that you can get from this event, you can immediately redeem them quickly or enter your Weapon Account and install the Skin later. After knowing how to get the M14 Egg Hunter Free Fire (FF) skin, maybe you can prepare yourself from now on to get the grand prize. Because this skin is really cool, you shouldn’t miss it.

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