How to Place Bets on Sports Without Investing Your Money!

There are now plenty of ways to bet on most online gambling sites without having to invest any cash. Although this limits your options somewhat in terms of placing high bets, you can have a flutter for free thanks to the generosity of bonuses known as ‘free bets’ or ‘no deposit bonuses’.

In this guide, we will investigate how you can get free bets using sports betting mobile apps or via HTML5 enabled sports betting websites.

On your journey through this guide, we will introduce you to 2 situations. One whereby you really do not want to make a deposit using cash or crypto to place bets, but you would still like to place bets and stand the chance of winning cash, and number two we look at how to get free bets on sports as an existing member of a sports betting website.

Getting Free Bets Without Making an Investment

All you need to do is look out for sports betting websites or online casino sites that offer ‘no deposit bonuses’. One of the most famous websites available in the UK and across Europe is 888.

A no deposit bonus is exactly what the name suggests. You sign up to the website, and as long as you provide an email, or sometimes a telephone number for SMS, and agree to the terms and conditions of the ‘no deposit bonus, then you will receive bonus money.

How does bonus money work?

Bonus money is not free cash given to you so you can withdraw it immediately from the casino. That would just be giving money away for free. Bonus money is placed into a bonus money balance and has what is called a ‘wagering requirement’ attached to it. Until you play through that wagering requirement, bonus money will remain in your bonus balance.

Example of playing through a ‘wagering requirement’

Wagering requirements maybe 5x the amount of the bonus for sports bets. Therefore, if you received a £20 free bonus bet, and that bet has a 5x wagering requirement, then you will need to place £20 x 5 = £100 worth of bets for the sportsbook to release that bonus cash as real money. Now if you place the right bets and win, you could very easily find yourself with a real money balance.

Even if the sportsbook pays you back in bonus money on let us say a 5-1 bet, you have £100 in your account plus your original £20 back. You are now on track to continue betting with the aim of playing through the wagering requirement and earning cash for free!

One tactic many players use is to sign up to multiple sportsbooks that giveaway bonus bets or bonus cash without requiring you to put money in the account. You can find a plethora of these sites on free – an expert at hunting down no deposit bonus deals.

Free Bets as An Existing Sportsbook Member

Existing members of sports betting websites have generally already made an investment in the website. That said, there are plenty of ways to get your hands of free bets without having to make an investment.

Always check the promotions area and make sure your SMS or email notifications are turned on so you do not miss out on a chance to take advantage of free bet offers. Also, as a loyal member of your sportsbook or casino, you will collect loyalty reward points. Many sports bookies and online casinos will allow you to swap loyalty points for bets or even cash!