Call Of Duty: Mobile Teases PP19 Bizon SMG In Season 3 Update


  • Call of Duty: Mobile has started teasing the upcoming Season 3 update.
  • Activision has started teasing upcoming features.
  • Activision has revealed a new map that will arrive in CoD: Mobile’s season three.

With Call of Duty: Mobile’s season three just around the corner, Activision has started teasing upcoming features. After revealing a new map, the developers have unveiled a new weapon set to arrive in CoD: Mobile’s third season today.

In the recent COD Mobile update, Activision came up with numerous new features. The developers do their best to keep the game fresh and entertaining with new maps, weapons, game modes, and much more.

Activision has announced that it will be adding a Zombie mode to that version of the game.

Call of duty season 3: Features

New weapons

It is confirm by officials that the PP19 Bizon will be making its way to Call of Duty Mobile. This is a popular SMG in PUBG Mobile, so it’s great to see it appearing in the mobile version of Call of Duty. The Bizon is best known for its high rate of fire and large magazine capacity, so is likely to be a winner on small maps in close combat.

New game modes

Activision has confirmed that the zombie’s map, Shi No Numa, is returning to the Chinese version of the game – and that zombies will be returning to Call of Duty Mobile “later in the year”.

It has already been release into the Chinese version of CoD: Mobile and is called Coastal. The map is large with wide alleys that enhance the gamer experience.

Call Of Duty season 3: Launch Date

CoD: Mobile’s ongoing season two, called The Day of Reckoning, will end on April 16. The third season’s content update should be release on the same day with the new season officially kicking off on April 17.

Activision has published a full blog on the map, detailing the layout and some of the things to think about. It’s a small map design for intensive play but varied enough to provide plenty of fun options.

Shoot House will be available for Team Death Match, Domination, Hard Point, and more.

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