How to get free diamonds in Free Fire OB27 World Series?


  • In Garena Free Fire, there is no alternative to get unlimited diamonds.
  • Players have to spend real money to obtain Free Fire diamonds.
  • Easy methods through which you can earn diamonds in the game.

Want Free Fire Diamonds? As you all know that The Free Fire Epic Games provides diamonds for users to earn characters, pets, and various items. Every player in Free Fire wishes to get various skins, characters and emotes in the game.

The skins are available for free via some events but for other rare and unique skins, players need to purchase them via the in-game currency. Players are always looking for ways to earn an ample amount of diamonds for free.

There are a few ways through which players can earn free diamonds. Though the number of diamonds varies for each method and some require more time investment than others, you can follow their simple steps to earn some diamonds for free.

In Garena, there is no alternative to get unlimited diamonds since it is a server-based game, which means that all data is usually stored on the server and not on the client.

1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is one of the most popular applications in the gaming community. The rewards-based app has over 50 million downloads and is rated 4.3 on Google Play Store. Players can click here to download it.

In Google Opinion Rewards, players have to complete short surveys in exchange for Google Play Credits. These credits can later be used to purchase diamonds in-game.

Free Fire Diamonds: GPT apps method

This is the second method through which players can earn diamonds. It is pretty slow as compared to the first one but assured rewards await for those who do it patiently. What this method basically includes is that players will have to complete certain tasks and surveys through which they are rewarded for their information output. Here are few apps via which you can try this method:

  • Poll Pay
  • Easy Rewards


This app also helps to earn free fire diamonds by simply completing certain simpler tasks and in return, you may get numerous rewards present on the website.

Players should never use any illicit means like unlimited diamond generator tools to obtain diamonds. If found guilty, their accounts will be permanently suspended.

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